If you have ever taken a yoga class, then chances are that you would have heard the yoga instructor, asking you to concentrate on your breath flow during the asanas. Yoga is as much about your breathing as about the various poses. And for a good reason. Your breath is not only a vital physiological function that is essential for your living, but it’s also the cornerstone of your health and well-being.

Give a thought to your breath. Read on to know how Pranayama or Deep Breathing is the key to controlling your overall health and state of being.

The Origin of the Word

The word Pranayama is a Sanskrit word that is derived from “Prana” and “Ayama.” According to yogis, “Prana” is the universal life force that is omnipresent. No living being is an exception to this energy. It’s also considered as the unifying force that binds all life in the entire universe. “Ayama” is the method of conscious controlling of the life force. It’s the technique of stimulating and guiding this energy within our body.

Why should you practice Conscious Breathing?

If you’re wondering how you could be doing something as fundamental as breathing wrong, then you’re not alone. Before, you could find the answer to this question; let’s first spend a few minutes understanding the role of our breath in our body. Most of us are unaware that due to shallow breathing or mindless breathing, we deprive our body of the “Prana” or life energy. Generally, we utilise only a fraction of the capacity of our lungs while breathing. This inadequate oxygen supply causes the build-up of toxins in our body and leads to improper waste disposal from our system. Thus, your body’s functioning is slowed down, and you experience various negative impacts.

Pranayama – The Energy Booster for your Body

You can increase oxygen levels in your bloodstream up to five times when you practice Pranayama. This means carbon dioxide is flushed away from your system five times more efficiently. The primary purpose of Pranayama or Deep Breathing is to provide your body with oxygen and to flush out harmful carbon dioxide and other accumulated toxins.

Pranayama – The Key to your Wellbeing

Humans can survive for days and even weeks without consuming water and food. However, they cannot survive without breathing even for a few minutes. So, it’s essential to get this primary function right, and this is where Pranayama is a lifesaver. Once, you begin with Pranayama, it impacts your thoughts and actions in a positive way. You are happy and confident, when your breath is rhythmic and stressed when it’s irregular. Mastering the art of your breathing is crucial for your overall well-being and self-healing.

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