The human body comprises of 70% water. It assists several bodily functions such as digestion, cleansing, regulating temperature, keeping body cells hydrated, and providing joint lubrication amongst others. Several bodily fluids, such as bile, sweat, blood, etc. are dependent dominantly on water for their production. Drinking water is important in order to aid the smooth functioning of our body, as well as to keep it free from toxins.

Hydrotherapy engages not only with how water is utilized by our body internally, but also the effect of external physical engagement with this life giving liquid. A dip in a tub filled with cold water can effectively cure sore muscles, while warm water eases pain in cases such as cramps. Mineral water baths help to rejuvenate skin and have been popular since times immemorial in royal families to keep up a healthy glow. This nature of indulging in skin care is free from harm unlike using commercial skin care products that are full of chemicals.

Hydrotherapy believes in the spirit of nature, and treats the human body as per its responses to its natural instincts. Steam inhalation during hydrotherapy keeps nose and throat infections at bay. This also serves to protect your hearing, ease inflamed sinusitis, cleanse pores and remove dead skin cells. Drinking water at regulated time intervals, never with food and always with an hour’s gap before and after meals ensures that the body is well supported in its day-to-day functioning.

Hydrotherapy is an eco-friendly method of treatment as well as indulgence. It requires no processing, and results in very little waste after its use. The human body responds very affirmatively towards the intended effects of hydrotherapy, primarily because it is instinctive. The human body does not have to adapt to foreign substances when induced with hydrotherapy. This results in quick results, reflex like responses and ultimately, a healthy and toxin-free body.

A healthy mind is said to reside in a healthy body. Once the body is free from the pressure of having to engage with foreign chemical applications of pain-relieving gels, cosmetic lotions or sugar-loaded drinks, the mind is free to function at its most optimum levels. Such a body is free from frequent headaches, disease and ill-habits such as unhealthy and compulsive eating. Hydrotherapy also has a great role to play in managing one’s weight. Excessive consumption of junk food leads to obesity and heart problems. In hydrotherapy, you can personalize what you consume by adding fruits to your diet, cucumber and mint in your drinking water, lemons, pineapples, watermelons, whatever you like! The world is your oyster and the pearl within it will lustre only as much as the case within which it is enclosed.

Regular observation of hydrotherapy will leave your body free to achieve its maximum potential. Taking up hydrotherapy is quiet akin to a decision we often take to widen our horizons. The body heals itself naturally, and effectively, when there is plenty of water to aid its recuperation. When in pain, regulated temperature of bath water in a tub can cure the most notorious of pains as it reaches the innermost crevices and pores of the body.

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